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  1. dset and approach to local government is shifting. With this framework as a guide, Milwaukee County's strategic plan focuses on addressing the root causes of racial inequities: the policies and practices of our institution
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  3. Racial Equity Framework NEW: Racial Equity Framework Walkthrough Tool Use video technology for racial equity audits and walkthroughs, coaching, and sustainability. Educators have relied on video to support observations and instructional coaching with great success

commitment to racial equity and join with others in different fields and sectors to amplify regional impact. G O A L. 1. Framework for the Early Action Plan to advance racial equity. Overarching goals: 1. Shift organizational culture 2. Center racial equity in regional policy and planning 3. Encourage racial equity inlocal planning 4. Activate. Racial Equity: A Framework For Organizational Change Whether we work on education, the environment, or elderly care, many of us see the value in moving the needle on racial equity within our organizations and the work we do Normalize Use a racial equity framework: Jurisdictions must use a racial equity framework that clearly articulates our vision for racial equity and the differences between individual, institutional, and structural racism—as well as implicit and explicit bias Introducing the Equity Based Decision Making Framework Marc Dones (National Innovation Service) and Ann Oliva (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) discuss the Equity Based Decision Making Framework, to support communities to embed a focus on racial justice and equity throughout their COVID-19 response Equity Framework for The Indianapolis Foundation In recognition of its equity-driven mission, The Indianapolis Foundation will preference funding organizations and programs that: Focus on root causes and not symptoms of racial inequity Support efforts that address and seek to eliminate disparitie

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Through critical investments, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework increases access to good-paying jobs, affordable high-speed internet, reliable public transit, clean drinking water and other.. The framework also identifies the organizational levers that must be engaged to create transformational change to develop and build a more knowledgeable, more skilled racial analysis and a deeper commitment towards racial justice and equity. Three Elements of the Framework 1. Use a racial equity framework: Jurisdictions must use a racial equity framework that clearly articulates our vision for racial equi-ty and the differences between individual, institutional, and struc-tural racism—as well as implicit and explicit bias. It is important that staff—across the breadth and depth of a jurisdiction—develop This framework is designed to support the directives established. Specifically, this framework: Identifies best practices on equity assessments from local practitioners, global thought leaders, and MITRE subject matter experts, and tailors those practices for use by federal agencies. Is a systems-based, data-driven approach that incorporates.

The Framework for an Equitable COVID-19 Homelessness Response provides guidance to communities on how to use a wide range of federal funding sources, including CARES Act programs, strategically across key public health and economic recovery strategies to meet public health goals, increase housing stability, and prevent future increases in homelessness - all with a racial justice and equity lens The purpose of the equity framework is to serve as a tool and set of processes to analyze, influence, and improve decision-making that supports racial equity within our team and through our work across an organization to work toward racial equity. GARE's framework can be applied at the programmatic level & can be scaled up to meet agency-wide priorities. GARE's 8 Step Process 1. Articulate theory of change 2. Research existing EJ conditions & impacts 3. Community engagement 4. Revise approach based on engagemen

Racial Equity Action Framework Our vision. Reduce systemic racism to ensure those affected have equal opportunities for health. Our mission. Working with our communities to enable meaningful and sustainable changes to advance racial equity CHICAGO - The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the American Library Association's Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services (ODLOS), and the Public Library Association (PLA) announce the formation of the Building Cultural Proficiencies for Racial Equity Framework Task Force Use a racial equity framework: Jurisdictions use a racial equity framework that clearly articulates racial equity, implicit and explicit bias, and individual, institutional and structural racism. Build organizational capacity: Jurisdictions need to be committed to the breadth and depth of institutional transformation so that impacts are. This Framework provides a roadmap for our work and holding ourselves in achieving the Racial Equity Outcome, in partnership with community-based nonprofits. Our intended Racial Equity Outcome is: All children, youth, and families, particular those challenged by and experiencing barriers of structural racism, have access to and collaboration in. Racial Equity requires processes, initiatives, and outcomes that eliminates all forms of racial oppression and co-creates conditions that enable those most impacted by structural inequity to reach their full potential centering their agency. Racial equity is a process

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ABOUT THE FRAMEWORK Watch the introductory video featuring MENTOR New York's CEO to learn more about the Framework. This Framework can help shape how your school, company or organization identifies ways to increase racial equity and inclusion as you commit to creating anti-racist spaces for young people Intentionally apply a racial equity framework to existing and new regional policies, initiatives, programs and projects in order to address and eliminate existing disparities for racial and ethnic populations. The following focus questions to be included at a minimum:Whom does this benefit? Does this differentially impact racial and ethnic groups Adopting Racial Equity Frameworks in Planning Organizations. In recent years, city planning departments have been one of many types of organizations asking how they can incorporate a racial equity lens into their work — particularly given the history of racial segregation and exploitation in areas like housing and economic development on. Advancing Racial Equity: A Shared Analytical Framework. As we accept the challenge to lift every voice1 to advance racial equity, it is critically important that we have a shared understanding of the issues at hand and the barriers we face. From elitism and credentialism (belief in or reliance on academic or other formal qualifications as the.

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Racial equity can be defined as the condition that would be achieved if one's race identity no longer influenced how one fares. (from Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture by Equity in the Center). This collection focuses on racial equity and also includes works that explore the larger diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) framework The framework helps assess your own state of mind and physiological reactions when facing challenging moments. True racial equity and inclusion work in the workplace must look unlike anything. Framework for Racial Equity and Social Justice. Taking Action to Root Out Racism and Internalize Anti-Racist Policies and Practices at LACCD. JULY 8, 2020. As an organization founded on educational excellence, opportunity and access, and dedicated to the principles of equity, justice and community, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD Informed by a series of focus groups with stakeholders including community leaders and youth, we published our Racial Equity Framework (REF) in February of 2019. This is the document that guides Fair Chance's racial equity journey. The Framework was the outcome of over two years of deep reflection, critical conversations, and collaboration. This delay, while unfortunate, allowed the taskforce to better explore racial inequity in libraries and among librarians through surveys and environmental scans. Join members of the taskforce at 10:30 a.m. Central on Sunday, June 27, during the ALA Annual Virtual Conference for Cultural Proficiencies for Racial Equity Framework: An Update

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The two writers call for a racial equity framework to fairly distribute financial support that would reach African Americans who are in need of financial support for their businesses. The. A Racial Equity Impact Analysis helps to identify what those strategies should be or how to alter existing policies and practices in order to achieve greater results for all groups. The Tool is User-Friendly. The Race Matters tool to conduct a Racial Equity Impact Analysis (REIA) consists of five questions that can be asked regarding any policy. A Framework for Assessing the Racial Equity of a Homeless Response System. These four indicators are the places our team believes a community should look to evaluate and improve the racial equity of its homeless response system: 1. System decision-making power. Homeless response systems are made up of a constellation of agencies, programs, and. In Chicago, disproportionate fines and fees in communities of color, black population loss and police/community distrust are all signs of the need to embrace a racial equity framework. A new mayor who advances equity is the right leader to bring this change to city government at a time when equity is at the center of public discourse A Proposed Framework on Integrating Health Equity and Racial Justice into the Artificial Intelligence Development Lifecycle Irene Dankwa-Mullan, Elisabeth Lee Scheufele, Michael E. Matheny, Yuri Quintana

Focusing on racial equity provides the opportunity to introduce a framework, tools and resources that can also be applied to other areas of marginalization. We also seek to acknowledge the history of racialized policies in the US that has contributed to the current condition of advantage and disadvantage in our country Racial Equity Toolkit: Implementing Greenlining's Racial Equity Framework. Adrian Sanchez and Carla Saporta. The Greenlining Institute. Seeing and Naming Racism in Nonprofit and Public Organizations. Laurin Y. Mayeno. Mayeno Consulting. Understanding the Change Process. Title. Author This sixth session of the Foundations of Racial Equity series explores Equity in the Center's Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture publication and framework. Equity in the Center's research is designed to support leaders as they build and expand their organization's capacity to advance race equity and transform their. The Framework, facilitated by CSH, was the result of a year of deep commitment and work by a cohort from housing and homelessness stakeholder organizations across the state. The cohort, named the Connecticut Collaborative for Racial Equity, sought to address racial disparity i

A Strategic Racial Equity Framework. Garces, Liliana M.; Gordon da Cruz, Cynthia. Peabody Journal of Education, v92 n3 p322-342 2017 Framework for Reconciliation in Long Beach. O n May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, was killed by four Minneapolis Police Officers. The incident was captured on video for the world to see. Floyd's death was senseless and an appalling reminder that racial inequity continues in our communities and amongst the structures meant to serve them LACCD: Framework for Racial Equity and Social Justice. Originally Published: 7/9/2020. Taking Action to Root Out Racism and Internalize Anti-Racist Policies and Practices at LACCD. As an organization founded on educational excellence, opportunity and access, and dedicated to the principles of equity, justice and community, the Los Angeles.

Because organizations are autonomous entities that afford leaders a high level of control over norms and policies, they are ideal places to promote racial equity. Effective interventions move. Racial Equity Primer. June 12, 2020. A framework for conversations about racial and economic inequities in the United States against the backdrop of COVID-19. How can the United States work toward economic opportunity for all? Building a better future—one that leaves no one behind—requires an intentional focus on inequities and injustices The NMHC Racial Equity Taskforce, which convened in July 2020, has produced an Industry Framework to advance economic inclusion for commercial real estate professionals of color, both within NMHC member organizations and across the multifamily sector. The Industry Framework recommends that firms adopt a DEI Business Plan and presents specific. Racial Equity at Purpose Purpose's mission is to build and support movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. We believe that racial equity, both within our company and integrated into the work we do with clients and partners, is key to achieving this mission The Community Foundation's Social Impact Institute launches the Racial Equity Framework, a three-part program providing nonprofit professionals and government partners tools for addressing race and racism, allyship, and organizational equity: Part 1: The Onion Dialogues : an introductory workshop for nonprofit executives and board members to.

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  1. Racial equity audits. In a recent article, Kori Hale, CEO of digital news platform CultureBanx, pointed out that some of Wall Street's largest banks had asked their shareholders to reject racial equity audits. Such audits provide recommendations on internal policies, external communications, and organisational practices as they pertain to.
  2. Use courageous conversations to build racial equity in your schools and districts! Since the highly acclaimed Courageous Conversations About Race offered educators a framework and tools for promoting racial equity, many schools have implemented the Courageous Conversations Protocol. Now, author Glen..
  3. Racial Equity Consciousness: A Framework To Foster Antiracist Practices And Culture Across Communities Dates: Monday, July 26 - Tuesday, July 27 | Times: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Registration Fee: $149 (Free to University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students) Register for the Pre-Forum Institute Registration is closed Continuing Education A certificate of completion will be provided to.
  4. Racial Equity Framework - A New Program of the Social Impact Institute by Community Foundation | This newsletter was created with Smore, an online tool for creating beautiful newsletters for educators, nonprofits, businesses and mor
  5. The Alliance's Racial Equity Network has created a tool which can help you measure whether the outcomes of your program or system vary depending on the race or ethnicity of a homeless person or family. This is a simple dashboard measuring key portions of a homeless program or system
  6. To achieve racial equity, we must transform our institutions and structures to create systems that provide the infrastructure for communities to thrive. This commitment requires a paradigm shift on our path to recovery through the intentional integration of racial equity in every decision. For the purpose of the Equity Framework

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  1. Racial Equity Framework Artist Trust is a nonprofit organization that helps Washington State artists of all disciplines thrive through direct support, connections, and advocacy. We believe a fair and just society ensures artists of all backgrounds and identities are included in its cultural narratives
  2. NATIONWIDE — Color Of Change, the nation's largest online racial justice organization, today released a new racial equity framework outlining the steps tech companies must take to act in alignment with their stated values. The tech framework is the latest expansion of the organization's #BeyondTheStatement campaign, which aims to hold.
  3. Organizer of Racial Equity Framework: Allyship (September 21 & 22) Founded in 1999 by local volunteers, the Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to build local endowment by fostering a community of grantmakers, promoting strategic local leadership, and investing in partnerships for the benefit.

Now, is the time to rethink school to include what all students need in order to feel empowered, valued, and courageous in their own skin. Dr. Taryn Fletcher presents clear action steps that will build the stamina needed to fight social justice issues in your school and community-- and the framework tucked inside makes this work sustainable for. Follow. $35. Actions and Detail Panel. Sales Ended. Details. Sales Have Ended. Ticket sales have ended. Thank you for registering for Racial Equity Framework's The Onion Dialogues on July 21 and July 22. You'll receive an email from The Community Foundation with the Zoom link prior to the event Racial equity is larger than ensuring that race will no longer be a predictor of a resident's health. When racial equity is achieved, outcomes for everyone will improve. Racial equity is not a project at Milwaukee County—it is the way forward. Check Out Our Framework Racial Equity; Diana Orozco; Search. Apr 21, Policies, and Procedures to Better Serve Priority Populations. This co-authored report introduces a framework for how emergency rental assistance programs can give priority to renters most impacted by COVID-19 and at greatest risk of housing instability at every stage of program administration Framework for Developing a Racial Equity Plan Listen (Years 1-2) Listening and elevating the experiences and input of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women, and other marginalized communities into the racial equity planning process and building a racial equity vision for the organization through coalition and capacity building

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Racial equity journey and doing the work often show up together in discussions about achieving equity in an organization. This framework, created by the Public Equity Group, offers clarity on the journey and the work, and can help your nonprofit map what achieving equity in service of impact could look like across your organization 15. Unpack all relevant curriculum to infuse a racial equity framework into how and what we teach. a. Write a plan and timeline to replace or revise the curriculum accordingly b. Assess how we celebrate culture and diversity through holiday and other traditions at TLC and make recommendations for improvemen and racial equity within the law and justice systems and its outcomes. With this focus in mind, the REJI Toolkit aims to support organizations in their work towards racial equity within their operations, programming, workplace culture, governance, partnerships, and advocacy A framework for action. When asked what business executives in cities and metro areas can do to advance racial equity and an equitable economy, we offer this three-part framework. In sum, private. EQUITY FRAMEWORK Assessing How Grantees Embody the Value of Equity. Needs Work Increasing Equity Advancing Equity PROGRESS NOTES 4: Place Strategy of racial equity and its size or its last grant size indicates a loss of funding would not have a significant impact on the organization

The Equity Framework. The word Equity means justice according to natural law or right; freedom from bias and favoritism; fairness. The Equity Framework, which is starting to be utilized across the Country, promotes taking a direct look at the various forms of bias and prejudice, which includes: individual, institutional and systemic forms of racism It also develops a conceptual framework for identifying racial and ethnic differences throughout the service delivery system and for distinguishing racial and ethnic differences from disparities. Purpose Expand. The goal of this report is to summarize existing research on racial and ethnic disparities in access, services and treatment, and. Racial Equity Tools offers tools, research, tips, curricula, and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working for racial justice at every level -in systems, organizations, communities, and the culture at large Putting the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Racial and Ethnic Equity and Inclusion Framework Into Action. By the Annie E. Casey Foundation. July 27, 2017. Read or Download the Report. 16-page PDF. In This Report, You'll Learn. How Casey is embedding equity principles in its grantmaking and administrative operations Advancing Racial Equity Through Capacity Building: The Kresge Foundation's Talent and Leadership Development Efforts Grantcraft: The Kresge Foundation describes how it addresses capacity-building programs by focusing specifically on leadership development through a racial equity lens and investing in the talent and leadership capacity of its grantees

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Racial equity in planning. Planning includes all work to prepare for future stages, such as identifying stakeholders, convening work groups, articulating a mission or purpose for data integration, developing understanding of the local and historical context, creating ethical guidelines, and developing a project plan Advancing racial equity and achieving inclusive growth would mean new oppor­tunities for participation in the economy and an additional $6,000-$8,500 in annual income per capita. Businesses, families, and communities across the country would benefit. 1

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  1. The Beyond Racial Equity framework is designed to facilitate senior leadership teams through a racial equity journey, starting with a deeper understanding of racism in the US as the basis for dismantling systemic racism within their spheres of influence, their company
  2. NMHC Industry Framework for Racial Equity and Economic Inclusion NMHC's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative is a long-term commitment to promote diver- sity, equity and inclusion as a business imperative key to innovation and success
  3. The Racial Equity Data Road Map: The Racial Equity Data Road Map is not a toolkit or one-size-fits all approach. Instead, it is a living document that outlines a number of steps for using data that have been piloted and tested within MDPH as one part of our journey towards achieving racial equity
  4. g. We are committed to ensuring that every policy enacted reflects democratic principles of equity and justice
  5. This Reckoning Initiative Framework will guide the University Libraries' efforts to address inequality and promote racial equity, inclusion, and antiracism within our organization and through the work that we do. We will dismantle the individual, interpersonal, and organizational levers of systemic inequality

Adopted in 2019 and revised in 2020 to align with the San Francisco Office of Racial Equity's Citywide Racial Equity Framework, the Department's Action Plan is an essential component of Planning's work supported by Mayor London Breed, the Board of Supervisors, the Office of Racial Equity, the Human Rights Commission, and many other racial equity champions across the City discussions about racism and racial equity. The guide is designed to help viewers recap the content of the webinars as well as to provide a framework to invoke meaningful conversations about racism and its connection to health inequities in the United States The Racial Equity Toolkit lays out a process and a set of questions to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, initiatives, programs, and budget issues to address the impacts on racial equity. It is important to: Apply the toolkit early for alignment with departmental racial equity goals and desired outcomes. Be inclusive Racial Equity Statement. The framework development process confirmed the need for a formal commitment to achieving racial equity, detailed in the Racial Equity Statement section of the document. The Arts Council believes that racial injustice is the most pervasive and entrenched form of injustice permeating the institutions and structures that. Our racial equity work is based on a critical intersection of community and system change. We are actively working to: Co-design and test innovative strategies that improve practice and correct for historic and current institutional racism.. Build coalitions, including our Alliance for Racial Equity, and work closely with networks to reveal where policies and practices undermine families.

This Message Manual contains research-based language and guidance for anyone communicating about racial justice and equity in education. The manual introduces a Racial Justice and Equity Frame that provides guidance for communicating about justice and equity in aspirational ways that move beyond buzzwords and invite new audiences into the conversation The Racial Equity Framework shall set forth a vision for racial equity in the state by providing guidelines for inclusive policies and practices that includes a strategic plan with policy and inclusive practice recommendations, guidelines, goals, and benchmarks to reduce racial inequities, promote racial equity, and address individual. Racial Equity Action Committee on Homelessness in Ohio (R.E.A.C.H Ohio) Across the state of Ohio, homeless services leaders are coming together to work out strategies to incorporate racial equity into our programs, data analysis, and goals. Mission: We are committed to achieving racial equity in Ohio Homeless system Office of Racial Equity San Francisco Human Rights Commission 25 Van Ness Avenue #800, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 252-2500 racialequitysf@sfgov.org www.racialequitysf.org. Email Address. SUBSCRIBE

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framework for investing in leadership that can bring about greater racial equity in communities. Racial Justice Strategies: A Framework for Progress Maggie Potapchuk describes three broad pathways for achieving goals related to race relations and racial justice: individual, inter-group and institutional. (Maggie Potapchuk, Cultivating. Front page | Washington State Department of Children. In 2019 Metro convened the Mobility Equity Cabinet—a group of leaders from historically underserved and underrepresented communities including, but not limited to, low-income populations, black, indigenous and communities of color, immigrants and refugees, limited English-speaking populations, and people with disabilities. We met regularly with the Equity Cabinet to co-create a set of.

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Rejecting the racial equity working group illustrates that too many elected officials do not take racial equity seriously. It is important to work across party lines, but not at the cost of racial. To advance equity and inclusion within municipal government, the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) racial equity framework is being employed. The city of Asheville is a member of GARE, a national network of government jurisdictions working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all, which has developed a framework. Organizer of Racial Equity Framework: The Onion Dialogues (April 29 and 30) Founded in 1999 by local volunteers, the Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to build local endowment by fostering a community of grantmakers, promoting strategic local leadership, and investing in partnerships for. Now, is the time to rethink school to include what all students need in order to feel empowered, valued, and courageous in their own skin. Dr. Taryn Fletcher presents clear action steps that will build the stamina needed to fight social justice issues in your school and community-- and the framework tucked inside makes this work sustainable for.

Racial Equity is Focus of State ECCS Advisory GroupChen Implementation Research Framework (003) | InstituteIn North Carolina, Time Moves in Reverse Where SegregatedBarriers to Renewable Energy Technologies | Union of