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Blackbird by The Beatles Tablature for 3-string Cigar Box Guitar. Click the image above to download the print-able PDF. The tablature in the PDF link below will show you exactly how to play the classic rock song Blackbird , written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and recorded by The Beatles. This tablature is arranged for 3-string Open. 3 String Chord chart FREE DOWNLOAD. £ 5.00. Chord charts. (Link at bottom) The Chords are different on a 3 string Guitar. The standard tuning for a 3 string guitar is Open G as such I have found these chord charts. They were made by someone else. Their website and contact details are included. We are a sharing community which is great How to Play Cigar Box Guitar Bluegrass - 3 string slide Shane Speal demonstrates an easy-to-play hoedown riff on a C. B. Gitty Pure & Simple cigar box guitar Author Shane Speal Posted on January 28, 2016 February 5, 2016 Categories General News , How to Play Cigar Box Guitar , Shane Speal Video Serie Blueprint-style 3-string Open G Chord Poster for Cigar Box Guitar, Hand-Drawn By Shane Speal Coffee Mug: Cigar Box Guitar Chords & Scales - Big 14 oz If you need help finding resources to learn how to play your cigar box guitar, contact us at support@cbgitty.com, and we'll get right back to you Slide Guitar Songs. Posted Dec 02, 2016, 13 tabs. Pay attention to the tuning in each song. + 414. Eric Clapton

Meanwhile, in December, I got a copy of Justin Johnson's tutorial DVD for slide guitar. He doesn't use tabs, but offers some excellent rote-learning lessons on a 4 string. For 3 strings, when he tunes D-F-a-d, leave out the F; when he tunes A-C#-E-a, leave off the low A; when he tunes A-E-a-c#, also leave off the low A An old school guitar, only 3 strings and great tone! Made from an old Diplomaticos cigar box. The bottleneck is a Tribotone! Simple and fun to play! After that you will slide from the 11th to the 12th fret still fretting the 2, 3, and 4, strings on the guitar and playing those 3 strings at once to make the chord. Lastly we will slide from the 6th to the 7th fret this time only on strings 2 and 3, when you hear the lyrics go back where you been. Now let's talk gear a little

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  2. Due to the limitations of this instrument (only 3 strings), a chord is made of the 1st and 5th notes in the scale. For example, an A chord is composed of A and E (and A'). This means a barre placed across the 3 strings will make a chord. Use a glass or steel slide to form the barre (or lay one finger across all three strings)
  3. I would also like to see some 3 & 4 string songs go up on the website . Jan 8, 2020, 9:36 PM. You could send tabs for this instrument as text tabs or guitar pro tabs =) Jan 23, 2020, 8:04 AM
  4. g all three strings in the open position, the C is played by barring all three strings at the 5th fret, and the D is played by barring all three strings at the 7th fret. Killer New Guitar Slide Designs! 3-String Guitar Instructional Video Series now available.

Tune up, plug in, and rock out to one of the Beatles' most classic and riff-laden masterpieces. This arrangement is specifically for the 3-string guitar and was arranged to be played using a finger slide. It can, however, be played note-by-note whether you use a slide, or fret the notes without a slide. The Tablatur Figure 1: Tuning The 3-String Guitar (1 5 1) E B E G D G 3 21 E Tuning Using Strings 6 5 4 3 21 G Tuning Using Strings 5 4 3 1 5 1 Tunings for the 3-String CBG Using Different Strings From a Standard Set E Major Scale G Major Scale Notes: 1. Guitar strings are designed to have a certain amount of tension in standard tuning. 2. Too loose and.

How to play Folsom Prison Blues on a 3 string slide cigar box guitar by Nigel McTrustry. A song that was in my life since year dot. My parents had an album Train songs by Johnny Cash. Tuning = F C FFolsom Prison BluesI hear the train a comin'It... Saved by Jim Bailey. 159 Download the tab & notation for this beginner slide blues lesson.. Now that you have the basic idea of sliding up to higher notes and down to lower notes on one string, let's move on to the next logical place by applying this movement to progressively lower strings Once you have determined the tuning, look at the tab grid. The lines represent the 3 strings of your guitar. From top to bottom on the grid are strings 1, 2 and 3. On your guitar it is opposite: string 1 is the one towards the floor (usually the highest pitched), string 2 is in the middle, and string 3 is at the top towards the sky 101 Riffs and Solos is arranged for the 3 string fretted or fretless cigar box guitar tuned to GDG. A great resource for beginners and a good review of useful techniques for players of all levels and styles including blues, rock, country, popular and more

If you strum all 3 strings open, that is no slide or fingers on any strings, you are playing a G. Fretboard layout for Open G tuning (G D G') Next put a slide on or make a barre chord across the 3 strings at the 2nd fret. Play that and you just played an A chord. And so on like so: 4th fret = B chord. 5th fret = C chord 3 string slide course. Learn the dark arts of slide and fingerpicking. Read more. Go from zero to hero on your 3 string fretted guitar. Read more. 4 string fretted course. The new 4 string course, for those about to rock. Read more. Workshops. Sit down a while and have a closer look. Read more. a course in advanced improvisation for 3. Some of the cool things about Fretless Cigar Box guitars are: No need to build calluses. No memorizing chord shapes. You can use all the same amps and pedals.. Hinkler 3 String Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit (EBB) 4.3 out of 5 stars 3-in-1 Restring Tool, Picks, Pick Holder, Bridge Pins, Nuts & Saddles, Finger Protector, Finger Picks, Chord Chart (58PCS) 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,379. $15.99 $ 15. 99 $23.99 $23 Electric Guitar Strings 3 Full Sets and Guitar Tuner Guitar Restringing Tool Guitar.

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This booklet presents a range of chord voicings and scale maps for the fret board of a 3 string GDg (151) tuned cigar box guitar. GDG 3 string Cigar Box Guitar Scales and Chords Published on Apr 3. South Bound Strings - Made in America, Bound for Glory! This is a set of 3 strings specifically voiced for 3-string cigar box guitars (CBGs) that you want to tune in an Open G (GBD) or standard guitar (GBE - the three highest-pitch strings of a standard 6-string guitar) tuning This 3-String Slide Guitar DVD will cover tunings, songs, riffs, beginner and intermediate slide guitar techniques, rhythms, and road-tested methods to mastering these instruments and developing slide guitar technique the same way many of the most famous and prolific musicians of all time did. DVD CONTENTS: •Getting Started with the Guitar Slide In this lesson, you will be learning the first eight 3-string chords that are the best to learn first when starting on the guitar. If you haven't already seen it, I recommend reading through The Best Guitar Chords to Learn When First Starting to Play The Guitar.In it I explain why learning 3-string chords is so effective for beginner guitar players and why, on average, beginners are able to. For example to play the A major chords simply put the slide above the second fret and pick these strings. Often used major chords with these strings are: G: open strings A: 2nd fret C: 5th fret D: 7th fret E: 9th fret F: 10th fret. Now we can do the same for the minor chords. E minor uses the open strings G-B-E, so we get the other chords in a.

Dec 26, 2017 - Explore Bill price's board CBG songs on Pinterest. See more ideas about cigar box guitar, box guitar, cigar box Once you develop the basic techniques of playing the 3 string guitar, you can try to tackle some blues. For this tuning, the blues scale notes are on the open strings, 3 rd, 5 th, 7 th, and 10 th frets. The 12 th fret is the same note as the open string, but one octave higher. It comes in handy frequently Common Tunings for The 3-string Cigar Box Guitar. 1- Standard: E3 B3 E4. 2- Open B: F3# B3 D4#. 3- Guitar tuning: G3 B3 E4 (bottom three strings of standard guitar) 4- Open G: G3 B3 D4 or some prefer G3 D4 G4 (power chord) 5- Fifths: E3 B3 F4# (intervals between strings are perfect 5ths You can strum chords with a pick or use bare fingers. If you are playing with other people, be sure you are all in tune with one another. We are going to be tuned like this: 1st string (the thinnest) is a G, 2nd string is a D, and 1st string (the thickest) is a G. Chords are simple for you and your 3 strings How is a cigar box guitar tuned? Common Tunings for The 3-string Cigar Box Guitar 1- Standard: E3 B3 E4. 2- Open B: F3# B3 D4# 3- Guitar tuning : G3 B3 E4 (bottom three strings of standard guitar ) 4- Open G: G3 B3 D4 or some prefer G3 D4 G4 (power chord) 5- Fifths: E3 B3 F4# (intervals between strings are perfect 5ths

A lot can be done with a 3 string guitar, you can record authentic old time Blues, but you can also record studio quality slide guitar. Have a listen to Fuzzy Whitener's - Double Trouble Three string guitars are fun and easy to play Songs using the : E string - (E, F & G notes) B string - (B, C & D notes) G string - (G & A notes) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Love Me Tender Happy Birthday 3 String Songs - Beginners - Practice Songs - Guitar Tutor Onlin [QUESTION]3 String Slide Guitar courses. Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago [QUESTION]3 String Slide Guitar courses. I picked up a Cigarbox guitar and slide. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm looking into courses. plays a lot of ideas that might be described as anime chord progressions Landreth's unique slide technique lets him fret notes and play chords and chord fragments behind the slide. He plays with the slide on his little finger, so his other fingers have more room to fret. Check out his performance of Überesso from the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival below. Yes, he's awesome. 3. Steve Miller Band - The Joke [Bm C D F Bb Fm Gb Ebm Ab Bbm Eb Em Cm Dm] Chords for How to play Folsom Prison Blues on a 3 string slide cigar box guitar by Nigel McTrustry with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin

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  1. Guitar tabs are six lines that run from left to right. The line at the bottom represents the 6th string, or the low E string, which is the thickest string on your guitar. And from there, you may assume that the top-most line on a guitar tab is the high E string, or the 1st string, which is the thinnest string on your guitar
  2. ed the tuning, look at the tab grid. The lines represent the 3 strings of your guitar. From top to bottom on the grid ar strings 1, 2 and 3. On your guitar it is opposite: string 1 is the one towards the floor (usually the highest pitched), string 2 is in the middle, and string 3 is at the top towards the sky
  3. Stop struggling. Start making music. Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord. This is our most popular guide and it will improve your chord ability quickly. Open G's higher-strung sister, open A slide guitar tuning. If you have your guitar tuned to open G, there are two ways to get to open A: either tune every string on your guitar up a whole step or place your capo on your open G.
  4. In FIGURE 9, a G7 chord is sounded without the slide by barring the fret-hand index finger across the top two strings at the third fret while sounding the open third and fourth strings simultaneously. In bars 1-3, I alternate between conventional fretting and sounding notes with the slide
  5. This 3-String Slide Guitar video course covers tunings, songs, riffs, beginner and intermediate slide guitar techniques, rhythms, and road-tested methods to mastering these instruments and developing slide guitar technique the same way many of the most famous and prolific musicians of all time did

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Ornament Slide Up - Here you are sliding up to the 3 rd string, 9 th fret from an undetermined fret below (usually 2-3 frets). The idea here is that you are not hearing 2 notes, as in the examples above. This is a quick slide, and is heard as one note. The slide is just heard as a decoration of the note you are going to 101 Riffs and Solos arranged for the 4-string fretted or fretless cigar box guitar tuned to GDGB. An excellent resource for beginners and review of useful techniques for players of all levels and styles, including blues, rock, country, popular and more. Audio tracks below. Essential Lessons for 4-String Slide Cigar Box Guitar How to play Folsom Prison Blues on a 3 string slide cigar box guitar by Nigel McTrustry A song that was in my life since year dot. My parents had an album Train songs by Johnny Cash

Guitar tabs are written out as six lines, with each line corresponding to a string on your guitar, e-B-G-D-A-E from the top down, as shown in the diagram below. Since there are two E strings in standard tuning, the higher-pitched string is written with a lowercase e How to play Paris Texas on a 3 String Slide Cigar Box Guitar by Nigel McTrustry Tuning = D A D i have the A D and G strings on the CBG out of a light gauge electric set tuned down to D A D. Normally use the E A and D when playing down.

Article Summary X. To read guitar tabs, start by corresponding each of the 6 tabs with a string on the guitar, with the low E representing the thinnest string and the high E representing the thickest string. Next, use the numbers on the tab to determine where you should place your fingers What makes tab so popular is that, once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to read. In order to understand tab, you need to visualize a guitar neck as if you are playing the guitar and looking down on the neck. Tab consists of 6 horizontal lines that represent the strings of the guitar. The thickest string being the bottom most line and. Black Guitar Strap Nylon Pick Holder with 3 Picks for Electric Acoustic Guitar. $3.89. Free shipping. Popular. 3pcs Rosewood Guitar Fretboard for 3 String Cigar Box Luthier Supplies DIY. $24.29. Free shipping. Genuine Fender Infinity F Logo Strat/Tele Guitar Strap Locks Straplocks - BLACK. $15.69 Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ballad of Curtis Loew on the 3 String Shovel Guitar! Request Chords. 3:30. Porch Swing Slidin'. Chords: D. Dm. G. F Diddley Bow 3 String Slide Guitar. 50 Assorted Wood Cigar Box Collection Lot. $70.00. + shipping. 2pcs Stainless Steel Lap Slide Tone Bar for Hawaiian Electric Guitar. $20.59. Free shipping. Guitar Slide Steel Solid Stainless Tone Bar Hawaiian Slider for Acoustic U5B3

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The strings. The first thing you'll notice when looking at any form of guitar tab is the 6 horizontal lines that represent the guitar's strings from the top (the thinnest string) to the bottom (thickest string) strings. In order from top (1st string) to bottom (6th string) the strings are E, B, G, D, A, and E. Tab also exists for bassists. The final ending chord to one of his D-minor tunes would frequently be 000130 which is a D7 chord, or a single note on the open second string followed by this d7 chord. Hard Time Killin' Floor by Nehemiah Skip James, 1930 You know that hard times are here an' everywhere you go. Times is harder than they been before. Whoa-o-o, Oh-o GDG 3 string Cigar Box Guitar Scales and Chords. This booklet presents a range of chord voicings and scale maps for the fret board of a 3 string GDg (151) tuned cigar box guitar. Shane Speal goes back to the basics, showing how to get started playing the blues on a 3-string slide cigar box guitar. The tuning is in Open G (GDG) and a. Tack this piece of art to your wall and you'll never be left guessing on chords for your 3-string cigar box guitar again! This poster features 24 of the most popular chord forms for playing songs on a cigar box guitar (or other handmade instrument) tuned to Open G GDg Tabs. In order to support other guitar players, some good tabs are presented here as PDF. Please hear or buy their music by clicking ♪ which will take you to the matching track in the Apple Music music store. (De-)activate arrows on your keyboard for page navigation with alt k ! (De-)activate arrows on your keyboard for page navigation with.

One of the most useful lessons for cigar box guitar sellers who are looking for the ultimate riff that will draw people to their booth. Speal shows how to use a simple G major scale on a three-string slide CBG and a Roland MicroCube amp to craft lush, heavenly sounds that bring people in Diesel power!  This one's for the train-lovers. A unique alternative to 3-string handmade slide-only guitar. Easily played lap style or standing up with a guitar strap (not included). Tuned G-D-G. Fret markers on side of the neck only. Your audience will see the blank face of the neck.

FRET NUMBERS The numbers on the lines indicate the fret numbers and so what fret you have to play. In the example below you first see an 0 on the D-string (you read tab from left to right). 0 means an open string. So you play an open string D-string, then you put your finger on the 2nd fret and pick the D-string, next play the 4th fret D-string and finally the 5th fret D-string The 100% handmade neck incorporates the playability and durability that a guitar player at any level would enjoy. I have been building cigar box guitars off and on for the past 8 years. I currently have completed over 60 builds which consisted of 4 string CBGs, 3 string basses, 6 string CBGs, ukuleles and 3 string slide guitars

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(/) Slide Up (\) Slide Down (h) Hammer On (p) Pull Off (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato Main Riff E|----- B|----- G|--7--7--5--7----- D|-----7--6--5--0--3--0-- A. Listen to Guitar String Slide Noise. Royalty-Free sound that is tagged as electric guitar, guitar, random, and monophonic. Download for FREE + discover 1000's of sounds Slide Guitar - Master Open Tunings is an online course with leading slide and fingerstyle guitar wizard, Rob Ashe that will get you comfortably playing slide + open tunings in a variety of styles. During Rob's course you'll discover the ins and outs of slide guitar and learn how to: Tune and play your guitar in both Open D and Open G tunings The Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Subscription Includes: 32 extensive Fingerstyle Blues Guitar video lessons. In-depth instruction in fingerstyle and bottleneck blues. 25 complete fingerstyle blues songs to play. Notation and tablature for all lessons. High-quality video with multiple camera angles so you can see closeups of both hands in action

Step 3. Now on to part 3 of Romeo Santo's You. I have a electric acoustic guitar, so it is a bit easier for me to play the arpeggio on the 15th fret. I've seen some players play this F Major the 10th fret instead. So in case you cannot get to the 15th fret on the D string, no worries. Just use the F Major arpeggio on the 10th fret 30 Holiday Classics arranged for both 3 & 4 String Cigar Box Guitar Tablature, notes, chords and lyrics included with each song. Fingerstyle and single string melodies. Chord charts and suggested accompaniment styles included. Song list: All Through the Night,. As Easy As 1-2-3. Playing songs on guitar can be a daunting task for beginners. Loog solves this: our 3-string guitars reduce chords to the basic triad, allowing for an easier and faster learning process. With a Loog, kids can play songs on day one, feeling rewarded and encouraged to keep on playing and learning. LEARN ON A LOOG. PLAY ANY GUITAR

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Slide Guitar Lessons #3 Basic E Blues. Before we try anything complicated with slide guitar, we want to make sure we can produce some nice clean 'A shaped' chords using the slide. First things first, let's put down our slides and just make sure we have these chord shapes sorted. Our chords are E, A and B Slide guitar right hand technique. A fingerstyle approach to this kind of playing helps you achieve a slightly more authentic tone and offers greater control over the dynamics in the music. It also helps with the muting of unwanted strings, which is all-important with this kind of thing

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If you want to fast-track your slide guitar progress, the best way to do it is to master the foundational techniques from the ground up. In this course, Justin Johnson teaches everything from anchoring, muting, and vibrato techniques, to age-old secrets to developing a bluesy and soulful touch with the guitar slide. This course is perfect for total beginners, as well as experienced players who. List of articles in category Slide Guitar Lessons; Title; Jazz Blues Slide Guitar in Open : Become a member to get access to ALL lessons on this site! Easy 12-Bar-Blues in Open-G Easy Slide Solo in Open-E 3 & 4 : Become a member to get access to ALL lessons on this site! Easy Slide Solo in Open-E 1 & 2 : Become a member to get access to ALL lessons on this site Tuning in open G involves the notes of the G major chord, which are G, B, and D. This open tuning will allow you to play a G major chord without fretting any of the strings. As with the D and C open tunings, this tuning will allow you to play the other major chords simply by fretting at a particular fret along the neck of the guitar Juke Box Slide Guitar £ 120.00 Add to basket; Kit Kat 70's 3 string fretless slide guitar £ 100.00 Add to basket; Motorhead Crew Pale Ale 3 string Blues Guitar £ 160.00 Add to basket; Oxo Slide £ 160.00 Add to basket; Quality Street 3 string Slide Acoustic/Electric £ 100.00 Add to basket; The Dark Lord £ 110.00 Add to baske Some great slide guitar parts? There are quite a few songs with great slide guitar parts, and I'll list some of my favorites (in no particular order) below: 1. The Joker - Steve Miller Band 2. My Sweet Lord - George Harrison 3. My Time of Dying -.

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Guitar tablature GUITAR FINGERINGS. Fingerings are indicated with small numbers and letters in the notation. Fretting-hand fingering is indicated with 1 for the index finger, 2 the middle, 3 the ring, 4 the pinky, and T the thumb. Picking-hand fingering is indicated by i for the index finger, m the middle, a the ring, c the little finger, and p the thumb. . Circled numbers indicate the string. Feelin' Bad Blues Tab by Ry Cooder. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more

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As a Classical Guitarist, I recently obtained a 3 three string GBG. The song selection is fantastic (love the inclusion of Irish and old Americana songs), the explanation are good and explained for virgin beginner. Each song includes a basic melody line and a more advance chord/melody with lyrics and footnotes (I love that part). Tabs are accurate Diddley Bow 3 String electric Slide lap steel thingy. Condition is New (Built by seller). Nice looking poplar body naturally streaked. Single coil pickup hidden in can/resonator. The can resonates pretty well for unplugged playing (but obviously it's meant for some hot single coil amped grit!). Line out and volume knob on can From United States. +C $67.87 shipping. Premium Cigar Box Guitar. LIGHTNING BOY 3 String By Birdwood CBGs. Brand New. C $460.91. From Australia. or Best Offer. +C $97.29 shipping Today we're looking at string slides, and we're going to be working with the pentatonic minor scale, as well as the three position pentatonic minor.. The trick with getting a good slide is to hold down the pressure on the string, so that you get good contact while you're sliding that note up

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3. Hammer On Lick (mp3) - Mark Knopfler Style Blues Guitar Lick. Pop the 4th string with your second finger and pick only four times. 4. Harmonized Slide (mp3) - Chuck Berry Style Blues Guitar Lick. Press 3rd finger hard on the string - pick and slide down in rhythm. 5. Power Chords (mp3) - Eric Clapton Style Blues Guitar Lic I have one of those Rondo Music/Douglas Grendels, I think mine is a 725. Anyways, The bridge started collapsing, so I decided I would set it up to play slide guitar. Basically I'm just wondering what I should do with the 7th string. I'm planning on tuning to Open G (DGDGBD), and I'm not really sure what to do with it The bar limits what you can do on the fret board, so lap steel tunings are geared to have chords built into the tuning of strings to make it easier to play chords. How to Play Chords Lap steel tunings like C6 are useful because they have a minor chord shape and a major chord shape built into the tuning

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Below are 5 common tunings for the 3-string Cigar Box Guitar. If you would like to suggest others, let us know in the comments section below. Common Tunings for The 3-string Cigar Box Guitar. 1- Standard: E3 B3 E4 2- Open B: F3# B3 D4# 3- Guitar tuning: G3 B3 E4 (bottom three strings of standard guitar) 4- Open G: G3 B3 D4 or some prefer G3 D4 G4 (power chord Standard guitar tab consists of six horizontal lines, with each line representing the six strings on the guitar. When looking at guitar tab from top to bottom, the top line represents the high E string (the thinnest string) followed by lines that represent the B, G, D, A and low E strings (the thickest string) How to Play Honky Tonk Woman on a 3 string Slide cigar box guitar by Nigel McTrustry. This video lesson covers 3 string cigar box guitar chord shapes using the EBE tuning. These chord shapes will work for any 151 tuning interval (GDG, FCF, AE.. Tab appears underneath conventional music notation as six horizontal lines that represent the strings of the guitar, from the sixth (thick) string at the bottom to the first (thin) string at the top. On these lines, numbers represent the frets where you should place your fingers. For example, an A note on the 2nd fret, third string, will be.

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Method #3: Lick It (Discreetly) If you have time, and really want to reduce the squeak, you can wet the tip of your sliding finger (s) with a bit of saliva just before sliding. Moistening the tip softens the skin and leads to quieter slides. It's especially good if a piece starts in a big slide Dan Cross/ThoughtCo. Reading chords within a guitar tab is a relatively simple process. When a tab displays a series of numbers, stacked vertically, it is indicating to play all these notes at the same time. The above tablature indicates that you should hold down the notes in an E major chord (the second fret on the fifth string, second fret on the fourth string, first fret on third string. As Conrad pointed out, touch is important, but there are lots of other factors. Is there a player you'd like to emulate? Check out YouTube and watch. What finger? Personally I like to use the pinky, as it allows the greatest use of the other finge.. written note (3 rd IUHW th string). Slide T A B 3 S A curved line (slur) with a T indicates Tapping. With the pick hand or middle ¿QJHUKDPPHU WDS WKH fret (12 th fret 3 rd string)and pull off to the lower note (9 th fret 3 rd string). Tapping 9 T A B T 12 A curved line with a H in - dicates a hammer on. Play the inital note (1 st fret 3 rd. For this post, we'll show you two guitar tabs as examples, but keep in mind that the same principles apply to reading bass tabs (you just have fewer strings to worry about!). Strings. The lines in a tab represent the strings on a guitar. The top line is the 1st string and the bottom line is the 6th string

Keep your slide low, just covering the first string, so that it doesn't interfere with the other strings. Example 11b transfers the basic pattern to the fifth and seventh frets, for the IV (G) and V (A) chords, with the slide covering all six strings. Beginners' Tip #2 Rest the slide on the string, but don't push down Listen to Guitar Acoustic Slide Down . Royalty-Free sound that is tagged as acoustic guitar, guitar, random, and acoustic. Download for FREE + discover 1000's of sounds In our example, play the 10th fret on the G string, slide down to the 12 fret without hitting the string again. S is a shift slide, the opposite of a legato slide. Pluck the string on the target note rather than from the starting position. Above, you would use your finger to fret the 7th fret, move it up to the 5th then pluck the A string. Vibrat