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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Discover Savings on Crape Myrtle Dynamite & More. Shop Crape Myrtle Dynamite & More. Get Crape Myrtle Dynamite at Target™ Today This Item. Monrovia 3.58-Gallon Red Dynamite Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree. Monrovia 3.58-Gallon White Natchez Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree. 10.25-Gallon Multicolor Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644) 10.25-Gallon Multicolor Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644 BAR CODE#: 0003774882619. Be the first to review this product. Full sun. Large clusters of red blooms. 23,000 TREES IN STOCK NOW. SKU. Dynamite Crape Myrtle. $799.99. Call to Order Deep Red Flowers - Dynamite Crape Myrtle is a spectacular plant with gorgeous pinkish-red flowers produced all summer long and right to the last frost. It will quickly grow up to 20 feet tall and 18 feet across, to form a beautiful screen or specimen in your garden. It loves full sun, is drought-resistant, will thrive in most soils and needs little or no pruning

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7 Gal. Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle Tree with Dark Pink Flowers. Model# 15641 $ 94 98 /gallon. 3 Gal. Tuscarora Dark Pink Crape Myrtle Tree. Model# CRMTUS03G (26) $ 42 50. 3 Gal. Natchez White Crape Myrtle. Model# CRMNAT03G (32) $ 41 46. 3 Gal. Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle Tree with Dark Pink Flowers. Model# 1484 1. 3.58-Gallon Red Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644) Model #097781506005. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 23. 27.17-Gallon Multicolor Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644) Model #NURSERY. Find My Store Dynamite Red Crape Myrtle Trees for Sale Online. Dynamite Crape Myrtle is a deciduous, dense-branched tree that is native to Asia. Its key ornamental features include vibrant cherry red petaled blooms and bright green foliage. During the fall, its leaves turn an orange-red color in the fall Red 'Dynamite' 10′ - 15′. A great medium sized crape myrtle tree for limited space landscaping needs. It is a great size for use as borders or screens and have terrific curb appeal when placed in sets of three spaced about 10 feet apart. 'Dynamite' has gorgeous unusual red flowers from mid summer to fall. 'Dynamite' Crape.

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Zuni Purple Crape Myrtle - 6 Pack 1 Gallon Pots. 149.97 NOW $118.97. Temporarily Out of Stock. Click button below to get on the Waiting List! (0) Sizes & Prices. 1 2 Next Page View All. For many good reasons, Crape Myrtle trees, often spelled crepe mrytle or crapemyrtle, are staples in southern gardens and other regions where they will grow Crape Myrtle Varieties. Crape Myrtle is a summer flowering favorite in southern gardens and landscapes. Because of their heat tolerance, these flowering trees bloom profusely even during the most intense, humid summer weather.Visit our Flowering Trees for more ideas to brighten your landscape. Flowering Shrubs are often used where space is limited and trees cannot be planted Pixies Gardens (1 Gallon Red Crape Myrtle (Aka Dynamite Crepe Myrtle) Showy Glorious Fire-Red Flowers Small Tree with Smooth Peeling Bark. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 31. $23.99. $23. . 99. $15.70 shipping. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days

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  1. Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia is just as colorful in the fall as it is in the summer. Fall colors such as golden, orange and red are sure to complement any yard and landscape. This small-to-medium-sized tree looks good even when bare, revealing a handsome outline and smooth, spotted gray to light brown bark that may shed to reveal a pinkish, inner.
  2. Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Zuni'. SKU. 05457. A wonderful selection with notably large, dark lavender-violet flower trusses, improved hardiness, and handsome peeling bark. Deciduous foliage has excellent mildew resistance and provides spectacular color in the fall, ranging from orange-red to maroon. A superb border plant or landscape accent
  3. First Editions® Twilight Magic™ Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-9. As low as $59.79. Muskogee Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-9. As low as $89.65. Pink Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-10. As low as $61.86. Red Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-10. As low as $70.96. Sioux Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-9
  4. The versatile Dynamite Crape Myrtle can be used a zillion ways around the landscape. Try a single plant as an incredible specimen focal point or perfect accent tree. Plant 3, 5 or 7 of them in a grove to create an instant woodland look, even in a small backyard! Vary the spacing a bit and clump a few closer together
  5. Dynamite. Gorgeous large cherry-red clusters of flowers appear from summer to frost. Leathery leaves turn orange in the fall. Matures at 10 to 15 feet tall and 8 to 12 feet wide. Ebony or Black Diamond . Flawless black foliage emerges in spring followed by vibrant blooms of red, pink, purple, or white. Grows 10 to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide
  6. Crape Myrtle Dynamite by Turtle Creek Nursery. BOTANICAL NAME: LAGERSTROEMIA INDICA 'DYNAMITE' COMMON NAME: CRAPE MYRTLE DYNAMITE Crape Myrtle Dynamite has deep crimson red blooms. Upright and vigorous grower makes this a great Specimen tree
  7. #15 Lagerstroemia Whit II/Dynamite Crape Myrtle Semi-dwarf True-red. $159.99 #2s Lagerstroemia Cherry Dazzle/Crape Myrtle Dwarf Cherry-red. $49.99 #3 Lagerstroemia Enduring Summer White/Crape Myrtle Dwarf White. $34.99 #3 Lagerstroemia Black Diamond Purely Purple/Crape Myrtle Medium-purple.

Botanical Pronunciation. la-ger-STRE-mee-a IN-dih-kuh. Lore. It has been noted that prolonged periods of overcast weather can cause red-flowered crape myrtle flowers to fade to white. Average Size at Maturity. Moderate growing; reaches 15 to 20 ft. tall, 10 to 15 ft. wide. Bloom Time Dynamite Red Crape Myrtle Trees - $6 each - Grown in quart Containers 6-12″ tall - Shipped in packs of 4, 6, 9, 12, and 16 $ 24.00 - $ 96.00; Red Rocket Crape Myrtle Trees - $6 each - Grown in quart Containers approx. 6-12″ tall - Shipped in packs of 4, 6, 9, 12, and 16 $ 24.00 - $ 96.0 Crape Myrtle Basham's Party Pink Crape Myrtle Dynamite Crape Myrtle Natchez White Crape Myrtle Pink Velour Crape Myrtle Special Red Crape Myrtle Tuscarora Cypress Bald & Montezuma Ficus Flowering Tree Senna Fruit Trees Italian Cypress Loquat Magnolia DD Blanchard & Lil' Gem Mexican Sycamore Oak Bur Oak Chinquapin Oak Lacey.

These Crape Myrtle reach a full size of between 8-12 feet at maturity. They are considered, at this size, a small landscape tree. Plant them out from any wall or structure for best results. Pink Velour. This unique shrub / tree will definitely attract attention as the centerpiece of your property, with its tons of vibrant pink blooms Crepe Myrtle Varieties for Virginia - Ken Matthews Garden Center. Zuni. CULTIVAR. FLOWER COLOR. TRUNK COLOR. FALL FOLIAGE COLOR. FORM. Dwarf shrub or ground cover 3 - 5 feet

circle d nurseries have an inventory of the most commonly used/adapted plants in the area. we specailize in locating unique and hard to find plant material in any size. we also carry a wide range of rock, mulch and soil The best time to dig crapemyrtles is when they begin to grow in the spring. They dig exceptionally well in leaf. Crapemyrtles cannot be dug reliably in dormancy. Natchez & Miami are among the most risky. In winter, we suggest using either container crapemyrtles or B & B trees that were dug in summer, hardened off, and stored in mulch The tree farm includes over 100 acres of the highest quality palms, crape myrtles, oaks, japanese blueberries, ligustrums and more (see our inventory). Our plant container operations concentrates on 30-65 gallon material. Our palm operations consist of 25 acres of in ground phoenix sylvester palms Double Dynamite Crape Myrtle. Bright red blooms highlight d ark purple foliage. [ More Info] Zone: Height: Spread: 7-10 8 -10 ft 8 -12 ft Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite' Dynamite Crape Myrtle. Attractive tree has attractive flowers, vibrant fall color and bark. [ More Info] Zone: Height: Spread: 7- Seen mostly in southern gardens, the fast-growing, sun-loving crape myrtle offers year-round interest in the landscape. When blooming, its large, colorful flowers put on quite a display. Many crape myrtle have colorful foliage; and the crape myrtle's textured bark provides winter interest

Crape Myrtle, Basham Pink. 30g - $260 45g - $570 100g - $1,09 I couldn't believe it. They had just about everything. The landscaping there is like stepping into an oasis from the Secret Garden & everything there seems well cared for & the people are so friendl

Arborvitae, Green Giant Evergreen Tree maximum 30-50'H - 12-18' W. Cherry, Kwansan/Yoshino/Okame Flowering in Spring. Crape Myrtle, Black Diamond Dwarf - Red/Purple/White Flower - Dark Purple leaves. Crape Myrtle, Dynamite Dark Red Flower maximum 15-20'H - 10-15'W. Crape Myrtle, Muskogee Lavender Flower maximum 25'H - 25'W j ohn@carolinacrepemyrtle.com. Office: (803) 776-7671. Cell: (803) 312-2116. 7125 Cabin Creek Road. Hopkins, SC 29061. Fax: (803) 776-5586. . Mid-Carolina Crepe Myrtle & Shade Tree has been proudly serving the horticultural community since 2001. Our mission is to provide the landscape professional or home owner with a superior product at an.

Mature Height: 10' - 25' Feet Tall. Fall Color: Yellow. Growth Rate: 1' Per Year. Plant Characteristics: Deciduous & Flowering. Colors Available: White, Red, Pink, Lavender. As one of Texas' beauties, the Crepe Myrtle adds color to any landscape during the hot days of summer. Its color palette can include red, white, pink and lavender DYNAMITE CRAPE MYRTLE. EAST PALATKA. EASTERN RED CEDAR. EASTERN REDBUD. EMERALD GREEN. FOSTER HOLLY. FRINGE TREE. GINGKO. GREEN ASH. GREEN GIANT. GREEN VASE ZELCOVA. HOMESTEAD ELM. TUSCARO CRAPE MYRTLE. WATER OAK. WEEPING CHERRY. Weeping Willow . White Ash . White Oak . Willow Oak . Yoshino Cherry . 13206 Asher Road Little Rock, AR 72206. Major Tree Farm Summer Special Sale. Crape Myrtles 30 gal 7-8 ft. $70; 45 gal. 9-10 ft. $100. Bur Oak 45 gal. 3.5 in. 10-12 ft. $165; 45 gal 2.5 in. 7-8 ft. $90. Chinkapin Oak 30 gal. 2.0 in. 7-8 ft. $90; 45 gal. 2.50-2.75 in. 9-10 ft. $120. Cedar Elm 30 gal. 2-2.5 in. 8-10 ft. $90. Contact us for availability and prices

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Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite'TM CRAPE MYRTLE 'DYNAMITE' TM: Medium growing rounded deciduous broadleaf tree - Height 10 to 20 feet - spread 10 to 20 feet - Sun or part shade - hardy to about 0 degrees f - Cherry red flower in summer: Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' LITTLE GEM SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA. Arborday.org Tree Nursery. We offer affordable bare root Crapemyrtle (Crape Myrtle) trees and many others bushes, shrubs, and trees shipped at the best time for planting where you live Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia. Small ornamental tree producing an abundance of blossoms having a crape-like texture and attractive bark. Choctaw - bright pink Country Red DynamitePP#10296 - cherry red Miami- dark coral pink Muskogee- lt. lavender Natchez- white Sioux- pin At Wilson Landscape Nursery we offer a wide selection of home grown Red Crepe Myrtle Trees in a wide variety of sizes to buy. Come to 14650 Bandera Road, or call (210) 695-2703 to talk with Sherry for more info! Flowers: Many colors to choose from Red, pink, white, lavender and variations between, but Dynamite Red are awesome bright red and one.

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Most flowering crape myrtle trees can grow in zones six to nine, while some like the crape myrtle dynamite are suitable for homes in zone 10. Crepe myrtle or Lagerstroemia indica, grow best in warmer regions of the United States, including zone 6 But with new cold-hardy cultivars, more areas of the country can now enjoy their brilliant color and year-round beauty. This stunning tree is renowned for its showy red flowers, beautiful bark, fast growth, and tolerance of soil conditions. The petals are wrinkled like crepe paper, adding to the appeal of this popular tree 5479 White Road Brooksville near Cortez. condition: excellent. more ads by this user. QR Code Link to This Post. DYNAMITE CRAPE MYRTLE BUSH $100.00 each more info 35two-two93-six754. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7337818196. posted: 2021-06-16 20:52 Crape Myrtle. Crape Myrtle trees are among the most popular flowering trees, and come in a variety of colors such as purple, pink, white, and red. These beautiful trees are also tough; they are disease resistant, and moderately drought tolerant. These trees lovely flowers can bloom for up to 4 months

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Crape Myrtle is a traditional southern staple, Crape Myrtles are beautiful, flowering trees. From very small to large in size, crape myrtles can be used anywhere in a landscape to bring color and vitality. Pick and order your fresh Crape Myrtles online today for FAST delivery to your doorstep Tuscarora Crape Myrtle is a wonderful mid-sized crape tree reaching heights of 20 feet. Blooms are very long lasting, all summer to fall. Tuscarora Crape Myrtles have a deep pink bloom. Crape Myrtles have bark that peels to reveal unique coloring for great winter interest. Fall leaf color of the Tuscarora is orange to red in color Crape Myrtle - Dwarf Dynamite (Red- MT) Lagerstroemia 'Whit II' Crape Myrtle Arapaho (Red Multitrunk) Lagerstroemia (indica × fauriei × limii) 'Arapaho' Chinese Pistache Pistacia chinensis: Magnolias DD Blanchard Magnolia grandiflora: Magnolia Little Gem Magnolia grandiflora Lagerstroemia Indica ' Crepe Myrtle' add a unique touch to your garden, especially during the spring and summer months. These plants produce smooth and oval shaped leaves in dark green colour, which will change to yellow, orange or red before falling.As Crepe Myrtles have dense growth habit, they are perfect for hedging and screening. This shrub grows well in direct sunlight and can tolerate.

Landscaping Plants, Trees and Shrubs | Wholesale, Commercial and Homeowner 12037 Mooresville Rd. (Hwy. 3) - Davidson, NC 28036 - 704-663-315 Large Near East Crape Myrtle, 2-4ft Tall When Shipped, Matures 8-10ft, 1 Tree, Delicate Light Pink Flowers, (Shipped Well Rooted in Pots with Soil) 4.0 out of 5 stars 18 $59.99 $ 59 . 9 Crape Myrtles have bark that peels to reveal unique coloring for great winter interest. * Images shown are of mature plants. Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree Lagerstroemia indica 'Catawba'. 4.8 star rating 66 Reviews. Size. Regular price. $39.99. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price 2. Watering: Water your Crape Myrtle thoroughly every other day for the first month. After that, scale back to once every week or week and a half. If you're not sure when to water your plant, simply check its soil. If its surrounding soil near your Crape is dry, down to about 2 or 3 inches, it's time to water. 3

The semi-dwarf Acoma Crape Myrtle Tree grows to only 10 ft. tall and serves as a splendid small tree in courtyards. Crape Myrtles can be grown as a shrub if pruned to have multiple trunks, and low hanging branches make easy access for squirrels to jump into the tree. Acoma White Summer Blooms. Recommended USDA zones for Acoma Crape Myrtle Trees. We are frequently asked to recommend the best-performing varieties according to size and color. We polled a group of Texas and national experts on crape myrtles, and the following are their recommendations. Dwarf (3-5 ft.) Red: Petite Red Imp, Petite Red Embers Pink: Petite Pinkie, Pokemoke Lavender: Petite Orchid Purple: Petite Plum, Centennial, Velma's Royal [ Growing Crape Myrtles Exclusively Since 1977. Our nursery has been growing crape myrtles for over 40 years. We are the original inventors of the US Patented Miniature Crape Myrtles! We have over 55 varieties available of miniature, dwarf, medium and standard (tree) crape myrtles. Many of the photos you see in the Slide Show were taken at the Worlds Fair where our Patented Mini Crapes were the.

Dynamite - 6-8' dense shrub - true red Acoma - 6-10' - white flowers - semi- dwarf weeping habit Catawba - 8-10' - violet purple - dense shrub. CRAPE MYRTLE TIPS: 1) Do not plant in the flower beds next to the house; INSTEAD use a tall variety in the middle of the yard to provide summer shade on the west side of the house Red Crape Myrtle Varieties Introduction. Selections of crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia spp.) with true red flowers are now widely available, thanks to new and dramatic improvements in crape myrtle flower color.As with other colors of crape myrtle, red crape myrtle varieties are free-flowering and will continue to produce flowers throughout summer and on into autumn That would be me saying, No fair, you've already got lilacs! And what's even more unfair is that your sister's crepe myrtle is one of the lavender-colored varieties instead of the usual hot pink. If you want to grow crape myrtles, Carol - go right ahead. But I grow Crepe Myrtles - that other spelling is just too tacky

What makes crape myrtles so irresistible are the spectacular late spring, summer and fall flowers. The super frilly, crepe-like individual flowers of white, pink, lavender or deep red — and even some bi-colors — are arranged at the ends of twigs in either small loose clusters or tight, heavy football-size panicles, and appear all season on new growth The magnificent Indian Summer® Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) make an ideal choice as a flowering tree in the heat of Australia's mid- to late summer. Available in a multitude of flower colours, from white through to red, and in forms ranging from shrubs to trees, they also feature exfoliating bark that gives them ornamental value even during the dormant winter months

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A newer cultivar Dynamite crape myrtle (shown in the large photo above) is the reddest of the red and becoming very popular. Dynamite is not a smaller crape, but a slower grower and one you can keep about 6 feet tall. It's a good idea to buy when the plants are in bloom to be sure the color is the one you want Dynamite~Crape Myrtle 15 Gallon Standard by littlegemtrees, via Flickr. Dynamite~Crape Myrtle 15 Gallon Standard by littlegemtrees, via Flickr. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Looking for a Crape Myrtle with a very deep-red flower, WITHOUT any hint of the hideous magenta/fuchsia/pink tones. I want a variety that can produce a large, upright tree, grows fast, is disease/mildew resistant, and not predisposed to produce off-color, or fading flowers if the weather gets dark. A tree with good genetics The faurii species is the parent that the breeders hae been using to make crepe myrtles disease resistant and hardy and this is a selected form for its incredible bark. Zone 6. Size: 1 gallon: Price: $30.00: Size: Field grown: Price: $115.00: Posted in Crepe Myrtles Dynamite (Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite') Posted on April 11, 2012 by Lucile.

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Landscape Trees - Licensed Grower Arborvitae Emerald, Crape Myrtle Dynamite, Dogwood Cherokee Princess Trees and More! Landscape Trees. Home / Landscape Trees, Shrubs and Field Grown Plants / Landscape Trees. Landscape Trees 2018-05-16T19:37:41+00:00. Arborvitae Emerald Seen mostly in southern gardens, the fast-growing, sun-loving crape myrtle offers year-round interest in the landscape. When blooming, its large, colorful flowers put on quite a display. Many crape myrtle have colorful foliage; and the crape myrtle's textured bark provides winter interest Crape Myrtles are deer resistant, deciduous trees with clusters of white, purple, pink, coral, or red flowers in summer. Dark green foliage turns red-orange in fall. Peeling, two-tone bark. Browse our favorite varieties for Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento areas

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3009 Accokeek Rd Waldorf, MD 20601 301-782-9077 Fax: 240-667-783 Welcome to Sherwood's Forest Nursery and Garden Center. Topiary Boxwood. Butterfly Bush. Snowberry. Oak Leaf Hydrangea. Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon. Spiral Boxwood. Lilac - Old Glory - Pollinator The arching canopy of a crepe myrtle looks perfect for shading a white concrete pool deck. However, some selections such as 'Natchez' can bloom for 100 days a year. Every day that new flowers open, old flowers drop into the pool. It will also drop leaves for at least 30 days in late summer and fall

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Inventory. Plants are moving in and out of the nursery too rapidly for inventory to be accurate, please use as a guide only. We invite you to come see our great and ever changing inventory in person The crepe myrtle is a hardy, versatile landscape plant. While popularly used as a small flowering tree, new cultivars can be used as ground covers and even as hanging baskets. Most commonly grown as a tree or large shrub, the crepe myrtle gives us a large variety of summer flowers. The Lagerstroemica is native to China and southeastern Asia

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At Schmittel's Nursery, we carry all different types and sizes of Trees in St. Louis, MO. Our vast selection includes shades trees, ornamental trees, flowering trees, evergreen trees, and fruit trees. Schmittel's professional staff will be able to help you select the proper tree for your landscape design we can deliver and install the. Tuscarora Crape Myrtle . LANDEX NURSERY 12 HOWELL RD FREEHOLD NJ 07728 (732)462-8523 (732)757-7281. Web Hosting powered by Network Solutions ®. Crape Myrtle 'Dynamite' (Red) 15g 12′ x 8′ S DR DT, ST Call for Availability Crape Myrtle 'Muskogee' (Lavender) 15g 20′ x 15′ S DR DT, ST Crape Myrtle 'Natchez' (White) 15g 20′ x 15′ S DR DT, ST Crape Myrtle 'Natchez' Tree Form (White) 15g 20′ x 8′ S DR DT, ST Crape Myrtle 'Sioux' (Pink) 15g 16′ x 12′ S. To show the incredible diversity within crape myrtles, this photograph was taken in a crape myrtle nursery in Celina, Texas, on June 30, while they were in peak bloom of summer. The flower clusters at the top were from varieties growing to mature heights of less than 5 ft., while flowers at the bottom of the photo were from varieties that will. 503-851-4726. Please c all for. an appointment. Welcome to Oregon Grown Tree Farm! We are a family-owned and operated partnership in beautiful Salem, Oregon, with 30+ years of propagating experience. Following our dreams, we started our nursery in 2005 with a prayer, and a whole lot of work! We love the ideal growing conditions the lush.

Characteristics: Crape myrtles are small trees or shrubs with multi-season interest. Flowers occur in panicles, cone-shaped clusters at branch tips, and resemble crepe paper with their finely crinkled texture. White, pink, red and lavender flowers are available, but beware: flowers described as red are often dark pink, rather than true red Anyway, back to your question. If it were me, I'd probably look at Acoma Crape Myrtle. It is a white, but it grows to about 15' tall. It does have more of a spreading habit than Nachez, but because it is a semi-dwarf, I still think it would be a more suitable plant to use in the space you are considering Height: 20 feet Spread: 15 feet Sunlight: Hardiness Zone: 6b Other Names: Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle Description: This attractive ornamental shrub or small tree produces volumes of light lavender-pink frilly blooms in summer, followed by vibrant red fall foliage; captivating focal point for th Dynamite Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit II') offers something for every season. This deciduous plant is used as a large bush or small specimen tree. It can quickly grow up to 20' with thick green foliage that forms a wonderful hedge or privacy screen when planted together. Scarlet, papery flowers engulf Dyna Treeland Nursery 1208 Sharp Rd. Gunter, TX 75058 (972) 372-4737 sales@treelandnursery.co Dynamite (and Red Rocket) is certainly one of the best reds. Belmont Nursery is one of the largest growers of Crape Myrtles around! Cherry red flowers in full sun and hot conditions. (Clouds or shade will reduce red intensity and flecks of white may appear.) New growth is crimson, then green. Upright form to 15 feet