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Metric Bolts: Head Marking Class and Material Nominal Size Range (mm) Mechanical Properties ; Proof Load (MPa) Min. Yield Strength (MPa) Min. Tensile Strength (MPa) Class 8.8 Medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered: All sizes below 16mm: 580: 640. 800. 16mm - 72mm : 600: 660: 830: Class 10.9 Alloy steel, quenched and tempered: 5mm - 100mm. In a partially or fully annealed condition, the tensile strength of the 8.8 Hex Bolt is around 420 Mpa for low carbon steel and 500 Mpa for medium carbon steel, its core hardness in terms of Rockwell lies between B71 - 95. The surface hardness of the 8.8 Metric Bolt can be increased through carburizing In the case of a 8.8 grade bolt the first figure signifies that the Tensile Strength is at least 800MPa. The second figure signifies that the fastener will begin to yield at 80% of the Ultimate Tensile Strength, i.e. at least 640MPa. Strength Specifications of Stainless Steel Threaded Fastener Call us to know more about Ready stock of BS 3692 Grade 8.8 Hex Bolt, M20 Grade 8.8 Galvanised Bolts, ASME SA324 8.8 Stainless Steel Bolts These are suitable for low tensile strength applications as the medium carbon material has low tensile strength. But the medium carbon content makes the Class 8.8 Nuts to have high ductility and workability

The tensile stress area (A t) is obtained from standards. The tension capacity of the bolt is given by: P nom = 0.8p t A t Nominal . P t = p t A t Exact . Where: p t is the tension strength of the bolt. The shear capacity of the bolt is given by . P S = p s A s. where: p s is the shear strength of the bolt A s is the shear area of the bolt Tensile Strenght: Proof Load Tensile Strength for Grade 2, 5, & 8, Alma Bolt Company & Prime Fasteners 1-800-526-2200. Home | Size / Thread Reference. Bolts Screws Pins Washers Nuts Cable Chain Drop Forged & Turned Wire Hardware Alloy Socket Masonry Electrical Terminals B'laster Products Metric bolt grades and strength calculator to show proof strength, tensile strength, Vickers / Brinell hardness, minimum breaking torque and stress area of metric bolts and screws made of carbon steel and alloy steel with designations 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Some notes from ISO 898 metric screw threads standards

Gr 8 bolt capability in yield (stretch) = 130,000 lbs / in2 x.03349 in2 = 4354 lbs minimum High tensile Grade 8 bolt capability in tension (failure) = 150,000 lbs / in2 x.03349 in2 = 5024 lbs minimum Grade 8 hex bolts have 6 marks on the head. tensile strength is 150,000 lbs per square inc 8.8 10.9 12.9 Mechanical ProPerties of coMMon stainless steel fasteners in accordance with astM f593 Stainless Alloy Group Condition Nominal Dia. (in.) Tensile Strength (psi) Core Hardness Rockwell Min. Yield Strength (psi) Grade Identification Marking Min. Max. 1 (304, 304L, 305, 384, 18-9LW, 302HQ) CW 1/4 - 5/8 100,000 - 150,000 B95 C32. High quality Grade 8.8 Eye Bolt, High tensile Grade 8.8 Hex Bolt Exporter in india. There are also different finish types to the Din 933 Grade 8.8 Standard bolts with hot dip galvanized, zinc plated, brass plated and so on.The size of the bolts ranges from M2 through M100 and M3 to M60 for different types of BS 3692 Grade 8.8 bolts.The length of the bolts range from 6mm to 500mm and they can. The tensile strength of a grade 8 bolt is 150,000 pounds per square inch. Tensile strength is the maximum load in tension (stretching) that a part can carry without breaking. In addition to tensile strength, other mechanical factors in a connection should be considered, including yield strength and proper assembly of the parts

Loading Capacities BS449 Grade 8.8 Bolts . Engineering ANSI Hardware Design Data Tensile Area mm 2. Tension Capacity Pt @ 281 N/mm 2. Shear Capacity @ 187 N/mm 2. Bolt Grade = 8.8 . Bearing Capacity of Bolts in kN for End Distance >= 2d Bolt Bearing Strength = 585 N/mm 2 Ply Bearing Strength: = 250 N/mm 2. Bearing (Ply) Thickness Passed. The yield strength f yb and the ultimate tensile strength f ub for bolt classes 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, and 10.9 are given in EN1993-1-8 Table 3.1. The first number of the bolt class corresponds to the ultimate strength e.g. 400 MPa for classes 4.x, 500 MPa for classes 5.x, 600 MPa for classes 6.x, 800 MPa for classes 8.x, and 1000 MPa.

Grade 8.8 high tensile steel is often referred to as the structural grade for bolts. It is the most common form of high tensile material and is usually stocked in plain finish or zinc. It can be plated in many other coatings.For high tensile steel grade 8.8, a torque wrench will be required for the tightening of said product 827 Class 8.8 (AS 1110) High Tensile or High Strength Steel—Structural AS 1252 SAE Grade 8 (AS 2465( (High Tensile) 150 000 1034 Class 10.9 (AS 1110) High Tensile Conversion Factors 1000 PSI (lbf/in²) = 6.8948 MPa 1 Mpa = 145.038 PSI(lbf/in²) Compare Tensile Strengths of Steel Grades and Class Metric system uses Grades

An 8.8 bolt has an ultimate tensile strength of 80 Kg/mm2 (785N/mm2) and a yield strength of 80% x 80Kg/mm2 = 64 Kg/mm2 (628N/mm2) Surely an allowable shear stress of 70% x ultimate tensile stress is much too high. This 550 N/mm2. Generally, the shear stress is equal to 60% x yield stress. This gives a shear stress of 375 N/mm2 The Class 8.8 Bolts are known as high tensile bolts. These have high torque capacities with high tensile strength ranging above 500MPa. The carbon steel fasteners have different properties such as pitch, head across flat surface, head height and others

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Unifit Metalloys Inc. is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Carbon Steel High Tensile Bolt 8.8 Fasteners, which offers Durability, Corrosion resistance, and High tensile strength.In addition to this, we are assisted by a team of young visionaries for Carbon Steel High Tensile 8.8 Nuts owing to which we have become the most credible firm in the competitive market Grade. 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9. Material. HIGH TENSILE. Packaging Size. 100. At Inox India, we manufacture High Tensile Fasteners. High Tensile grade refers to the tensile strength of industrial fasteners, or the maximum amount of stress these fasteners and fixing can withstand before they begin to break or fail High Quality of 8.8 Structural Hex Lag Bolts, Grade 8.8 High-Strength Steel Round Headed Bolts Stockist, Tensile Strength CL.8.8 T- Head Bolts, Specialist of Structural Steel 8.8 Carriage Bolts, Class 8.8 Carbon Steel High-Tensile Square Bolts, High Tensile Alloy Steel 8.8 Timber Bolt Exporter in india

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The tensile strength can easily be converted between both types of thread pitch by recalling that a Grade 2 bolt possesses the same tensile strength as a Class 4.6 bolt, a Grade 5 bolt possessing the same tensile strength as a Class 8.8 bolt, a Grade 8 bolt possesses the same tensile strength as a Class 10.9 bolt and a Grade 9 bolt possesses. Grade 8 hex cap screws are made to a much higher precision than grade 8 bolts. Grade 8 bolts are designated as a 150 ksi. This means its tensile strength or the resistance it has before it is subject to breaking under tension is equal to 150,000 lbs. per square inch. In comparison, a Grade 5 bolt is weaker as its tensile is 120 ksi, placing it. Ordinary bolts are generally made of ordinary steel (Q235) and only need to be tightened. Ordinary bolts are generally 4.4, 4.8, 5.6 and 8.8. High strength bolts are generally grade 8.8 and grade 10.9, most of which are grade 10.9. The screw hole of ordinary bolt is not necessarily larger than that of high-strength bolt The designation system is based on two numbers e.g 8.8 . The first number is the tensile strength of the bolt material (N 2)/100. The second number is = 1/100.(the ratio of the Proof (or Yield ) stress and the Tensile strength expressed as a percentage = 100.[Yield (Proof stress) /Tensile strength] /10 Oct 30, 2011. #4. bruca003. 2. 0. the weight of the engine is 800 lbs. the engine stand is rated to hold a 2000 lb engine. after some research, the hex bolt is; 8.8 metric class, 8.8 mark on head, steel material, tensile strength = 800 N/mm squared, 116000 psi

A high strength structural bolt of size M24, length 140 mm, property class 8.8 and galvanized shall be designated as: High Strength Structural Bolt M24 × 140 IS : 3757—8.8S galvanized 7.1 If the bolt in the above example is required with a hot-dip galvanized high strength structura Best Price in India compared to Grade 8.8 Stud Bolt manufacturers in China; Ask for Test Certificates from Grade 8.8 Stud Bolt manufacturers: EN 10204 / 3.1 with all deliveries; Class 8.8 Stud Bolt Tensile testing to ISO 898-1; Hardness testing ( ISO 6508-1), Nut proof load testing (ISO 898-2) BS 3692 grade 8.8 Stud Bolt as per ISO 148-

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Head Markings Metric Bolt Class Mechanical Properties Proof Load (MPa) Min Yield (MPa) Min Tensile Strength (MPa) Class 8.8 Medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered 580-600 640-660 800-830 Class 10.9 Alloy Steel, quenched and tempered 830 940 1040 Class 12.9 Alloy Steel, quenched and tempered 970 1100 1220 A2 Stainl The grade 8.8 refers to the tensile strength which is generally 116,000 psi, grade 10.9 is generally 150,000 and grade 12.9 is generally 175,000 psi. Also Know, how strong is a grade 8.8 bolt? Usually a tensile strength in the range of 112,000 to 116,000 PSI

An example using a hex bolt with property class 10.9. The Nominal tensile strength of a 10.9 bolt is calculated. 10 x 100 = 1,000 N/mm2 (MPa) The Yield stress ratio 9 x 10 = 90%. The Yield stress is therefore. 90% of 1,000 = 900 N/mm2 (MPa) Bolts and Studs can be supplied in Property classes. Grade 3.6 Yield Strength Min (psi) Tensile Strength Min (psi) No Grade Mark ISO R898 Class 5.8 Bolts, Screws, Studs Medium Carbon Steel, Quenched and Tempered All Sizes thru 1-1/2 55,000 57,000 74,000 8.8 or 88 ISO R898 Class 8.8 Alloy Steel, Quenched and Tempered 85,000 92,000 120,000 10.9 or 109 ISO R898 Class 10.9 120,000 130,000 150,000 NOTES: 1. Grade-A bolts are the preferred style for most applications. Grade-B bolts have looser tolerances and can be manufactured in a cold or hot-forging process. Applications/ Advantages Has greater tensile strength than Class 4.6, 4.8 and 5.8 bolts. Material Class 8.8 bolts can be made from a carbon steel with additives (such as Boron, Manganese or.

Manufacturing and Supplying of Carbon Steel Gr 8.8 Fasteners such as Nuts, Bolts, Stud Bolt, Screws, Washers, Studs, Carbon Steel 8.8 Hex Nuts, ASTM F568 High Tensile Steel 8.8 socket head cap screw, Carbon Steel 8.8 Heavy Hex Nut, Carbon Steel 8.8 Hexagonal Head Bolt, ASTM F568 Grade 8.8 Fasteners at Best Price in Mumbai, India To simplify it - there are usually 3 strength grades on vehicles today. 8.8. 10.9. 12.9. What do these numbers mean? The number before the period is the value of the bolts ultimate tensile strength in hundreds of MPa. The number after the period is the percentage of the bolts ultimate strength that the bolt yields at For example, an 8.8 grade high tensile bolt can withstand a stress of 45 to 49.9 metric tonnes for each 6.45 cm². Since these High Tensile Bolts and fixings have a higher tensile strength in comparison to a regular bolt, they are much more popular and are used in many applications.Many high tensile bolts or fasteners that are available in the. The hardness of the medium carbon steel Metric Grade 8.8 can be increased by heat treating them. Heat treating the En 15048 Grade 8.8 leads to a change in the mechanical fasteners. For instance, the Class 8.8 Bolts have an increased hardness, ductility, yield strength, and impact resistance. Heat treated Grade 8.8 Bolt is known to exhibit good tensile strength and perform well in most. Steel Bolts - SAE Grades. For metric bolts strength is according ISO 898 Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel described by property classes with designations 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Property Class. Head Marking

bolt size pitch stress area mm2 bolt/stud/screw bs 3692 gr. 8.8 nut bs 3692 gr. 8 proof stress n/mm2 proof load kn tensile stress n/mm2 tour-que* n-m hard-ness hrc elonga-tion# % proof stress n/mm2 proof load kn hard-ness hrc m6 1 20.1 580 11.7 800.0 9.4 22-32 12.0 800 16.1 -30 m8 1.25 36.6 580 21.2 800.0 22.8 22-32 12.0 800 29.3 -3 Characteristics of the M20 HSFG property class 8.8 bolts Bolt Shank Stress Pitch Tensile Yield Stress Proof Proof Average Size Area Area of Stress (minimum) Stress Load Actual Thread (minimum) Ultimate Tensile Stress mm2 mm2 mm MPa MPa MPa kN MPa M20 314 245 2.5 755 786 712 174 918 There is a requirement also for the minimum number of clear. We offer these 8.8 Grade Bolts in a wide range of standards and sizes to fit the requirements of all our customers. Alloy Steel High-Tensile Class 8.8 Bolts, Grade 8.8 High Tensile Screws, High Tensile 8.8 Studs, ASTM F568 High Tensile Bolts 8.8, Grade 8.8 Bolts Stockist, High Tensile Bolts Fasteners Suppliers

The first number is the tensile strength of the bolt material (N/mm 2 )/100. The second number is = 1/100. (the ratio of the Proof (or Yield ) stress and the Tensile strength expressed as a percentage = 100. [Yield (Proof stress) /Tensile strength] /100. meaning that a grade 8.8 bolt has a nominal ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 800N/mm 2. At Inox India, we manufacture High Tensile Fasteners. High Tensile grade refers to the tensile strength of industrial fasteners, or the maximum amount of stress these fasteners and fixing can withstand before they begin to break or fail.When a bolt has a grading of S, it means that it can withstand a stress of 45 to 49.9 metric tons per 6.45 cm² Hobson Class 8.8 Hex Bolts & Class 8 Hex Nuts are manufactured to AS1110.1 / AS1112.1. To ensure the highest quality product is supplied, Hobson batch test in Australia at a NATA laboratory accredited for tensile testing of fasteners. All Test & NATA certificates are available online at no charge. Standard Hex Nuts Class 8 AS1112.1

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ACRONYM MEANING 2H Nut Nut strength level designation (ASTM A194 Grade 2H Heavy Hex Nut) 6g Class of thread fit for metric screws 6H Class of thread fit for metric nuts 8.8TB Bearing joint as per AS4100 - bolting to be fully tensioned 8.8S Snug Tight as per AS4100 (Non Bearing / Friction Joint) 8.8TF Friction joint as per AS4100 - bolting to be fully tensione Grade 8.8 Bolt comes in the Category of High Tensile Fasteners and Stronger Bolt with 150000 PSI Tensile Strength. Know more > Stainless Steel Fasteners. Get Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts in Grade 304 and 316L in various Threads and Heads in sizes from M2 to M42 and DIN 933

Extreme-Strength Grade 9 Steel Hex Head Screws. Fully Threaded. Partially Threaded. Our strongest screws, these Grade 9 steel screws have a tensile strength of 180, 000 psi— about 20% stronger than our high-strength steel screws. Use them for heavy duty stamping applications as well as earth-moving machinery such as bulldozers and excavators The numerals approximate 1/100 of the minimum tensile strength in MPa. For example, a nut of property class 8 has a minimum tensile strength of 800 MPa. This number also represents the appropriate class of bolt with which the nut should be matched. The correct match for a nut used with bolts of property class 10.9 is a grade 10 nut Grade 8.8 Bolts are manufactured using medium carbon steel that has been quenched and tempered. Used in railroad equipment, motors, engines and processing equipment, grade 8.8 bolts exhibit good tensile strength and perform well in most environments

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  1. Grade 8.8 High-Strength Steel Metric thread Stud bolts Stockist, High Tensile Alloy Steel 8.8 Weld Studs, High Quality of 8.8 Reduced Shank Stud Bolt, Specialist of Structural Steel 8.8 Custom Stud Bolt, Tensile Strength CL.8.8 Partial Threads Stud Bolts, Class 8.8 Carbon Steel High-Tensile Continuous Threaded Stud Bolts Exporter in india
  2. Anchor bolt products have super high yield strength(up to 1100 MPa) and tensile strength(up tp 1220 MPa). Regarding impact energy, our grade 8.8 anchor bolt everages 60J, grade 10.9 everages 35J which means our products performance much higher than standard requirements
  3. There are several grades of bolts but the three common grades for SAE are 2, 5 and 8. The common class (grades) for metric are 5.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Each grade has a specific bolt strength. No matter the system used to grade the bolts, the higher the number means the stronger the bolt. Beside this, Is Grade 8 the strongest bolt
  4. ASTM A325 is an ASTM International standard for heavy hex structural bolts, titled Standard Specification for Structural Bolts, Steel, Heat Treated, 120/105 ksi Minimum Tensile Strength.It defines mechanical properties for bolts that range from 1 ⁄ 2 to 1 + 1 ⁄ 2 inches (13 to 38 mm) in diameter.. The equivalent metric standard is ASTM A325M, which is titled Standard Specification for.
  5. High Tensile Bolt. November 7, 2020 0. Kaloti Group is one of the best manufacture and supply High Tensile Bolts 8.8 grade. Which offers Durability, Corrosion resistance, and High Tensile Strength. We produce all our products using best raw materials and the latest technology. We produce these Grade 8.8 Bolts in a way that they provide good.
  6. Grade 8 bolts have 6 marks on the head. Second, the different grades have a meaning to them. It tells you how strong the fastener is. There are different types of strengths listed for each grade. Proof strength (about 90% of yield), ultimate tensile strength (bolt fails in stretch), yield strength (bolt begins to get a permanent set and changes.

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  1. al tensile strength up to 1000 MPa; The bending ratio is 0.9; No
  2. 8.8 Stainless Steel Bolts for sale, Buy directly from Grade 8.8 High Tensile Flange Bolts, 8.8 Galvanised Bolts, En 15048 Bolt manufacturers The EN 15048 Bolt standard follows the rules with respect to items which are to be utilized for the estimation, plan just as production of non-preloaded jolt relations for these steel associations
  3. High Tensile Hex Bolt. Get Best Quote. Approx. Price: Rs 85 / Kg Get Latest Price. Our precision engineered range of special High Tensile Hex Nuts is well received in the industry circle for its durability and reliability. Our wide range of Nuts is available in 4, 6, 8, 10,2h grades in different sizes from M16 to M56
  4. A Bolt Marked A2-70 Is A 304 Stainless Steel Bolt With A 700 N/mm2 Tensile Strength (See Below Table). The -70 Representing The Tensile Strength Divided By 10.-50 & -80 Grades Are Also Available But Are Not All That Common. A2 / 304 Stainless Steel Is What Is Known As An Austenitic Stainless Steel : It Is (Mostly) Non-Magnetic

Thus, for the bolt of property class 8,8 in the above example a nut of property class 8 is required. This nut will have a Proof Load Stress of 8 x 100 = 800 MPa In practice only standard threaded fasteners in the high tensile property classes, i.e. property class 8,8 and above are required to be marked with the appropriate code high tensile hex bolts, high tensile bolts price list, manufacturer of high tensile fasteners, high tensile bolts grade, specifications, strength, torque, weight chart, material equivalent, tensile strength, chemical composition, properties, bolt dimensions, diameter, 8.8 bolt lengths, grade 8.8 bolt material specification, weight of grade 8.8. Usually a tensile strength in the range of 112,000 to 116,000 PSI. In the metric world (a.k.a. ISO) the most common bolts are marked with an 8.8, 10.9, or 12.9. If there are no head markings at all, they are most likely comparable to the SAE grade 2. The 8.8 is comparable to the SAE Grade 5. The 10.9 is comparable to the SAE Grade 8 Hi, The likely tensile strength of the bolt is as you say grade 8.8 but your load on the bolt is a shear loading which is different. The weakest point of the bolt is the junction of the shank and the thread but the load on your bolt is on the shank the stronger part of the bolt. With some research that size bolt has a shear capacity of circa. When dealing with metric fasteners, the 8.8 bolts are similar to a Grade 5. If you need higher tensile strength in metric, stick to 10.9 or 12.9. The higher the first number, the stronger the bolt in terms of tensile strength. The higher the second number, the longer it will take to enter the yield point

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is the ultimate tensile strength for bolts given in Table 3.1 in BS EN1993-1-8. When the shear plane passes through the threaded portion of the bolt (A is the tensile stress area of the bolt As): 1- For Classes 4.6, 5.6 and 8.8, α v = 0.6 2- For Classes 4.8, 5.8, 6.8 and 10.9, α v = 0. Examples of hardened fasteners are steel bolts - US Grade 8 (Metric property class 10.9), hardened steel washers, spring washers, etc. These types of fasteners should be mechanically plated to avoid hydrogen embrittlement

Head marking & mechanical property of steel hex bolts; Head marking: Grade: Material: Proof strength: Yield strength (min.) Tensile strength (min.) Core hardness (Rockwell) Class 4.6: Low or medium carbon steel: 225 Mpa: 240 Mpa: 400 Mpa: B67-95: Class 4.8: Low or medium carbon steel: 310 Mpa: 340 Mpa: 420 Mpa: B71-95: Class 5.8: Low or medium. 120 ksi tensile strength fasteners would be used. (a) ASTM F835 button heads max diameter = 5/8 in while flat heads max diameter = 1 1/2 in. (b) ASTM F835 has a yield strength greater than the tensile strength. This oddity is due to the reduced tensile strength a full size fastene Grade B5 Bolts, Screws, Studs for High‐ Temperature Service ASTM A193 Grade B6 Bolts, Screws, Studs for High‐ Temperature Service ASTM A193 Grade B7 Bolts, Screws, Studs for High‐ Temperature Service AISI 4140, 4142, or 4145 1⁄4 thru 2 ½ Over 2 ½ thru 4 Over 4 thru 7 −− −− −− 105,000 95,000 75,000 125,000 115,00 high-tensile bolts are tightened down and provide the ultimate attachment strength. As with all bolted attachments, strong bolts must be used. As a minimum, grade 8.8 mounting hardware is needed. Grade 10.9 mounting hardware is preferred (see diagram above). Overcoat mounts can be used for side-lifter cranes and lifting arms. The Strength is similar to Grade 8. Use with ASTM A325 structural bolts. Grade 2: Low strength. Grade 2H Nuts: Strength is similar to Grade 5. Use with ASTM A325 structural bolts. Grade 5: Medium strength. Grade 8: High strength. Metric Class 4: Similar to Grade 2. Metric Class 8.8: Similar to Grade 5. Metric Class 10.9: Similar to Grade 8. Metric.

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Bolts and Nuts 8.8 High Tensile Zinc Plated. High performance hex head 8.8 grade bolt assemblies for high strength bolting in construction, engineering and manufacturing. Scrooz 8.8 GP bolts include the following features : Manufactured to Australian standard 1110.1. Supplied as full assemblies with corresponding hex nuts in the box and then tested for tensile strength. The tensile test was carried out in each case by subjecting the bolts to failure. 2.2 Test specimens High-strength Grade 8.8 bolts are manufactured through. The IS 1367 Grade 8.8 specification covers carbon steel bolts and studs ranging from M-6 to M-39 diameter. We use high carbon steel material and high alloy steel raw materials to achieve the required properties in this standard. There are three popular grades in this standard, 8.8 , 10.9 and 12.9 which denote material hardness strength and. PED Approved Grade 8 8 Bolts Manufacturers & supplier in India, Check out Class 8 8 Nuts, High Tensile Class 8 8 Studs, BS 3692 Grade 8 8 Hex Bolt, ASME SA324 8.8 Stainless Steel Bolts best price. in Mumba

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to fatigue friction grip connections with high strength bolts such as grades 8.8 and 10.9 are to be used because of their high fatigue strength and limited deformation characteristics. The basic mechanical properties for 4.6, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, and 10.9 grade bolts are shown in Table 2.1. Table 2.1 Basic mechanical properties of structural bolts Was just the information I was looking for.. I see that A2 stainless has about 12% lower tensile strength and about 30% lower strength than 8.8 steel.. A4 stainless has the same tensile strength and only 6% lower yeild strength.. So I have ordered A4 stainless for the more important areas.. V

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  1. al tensile strength in N/mm^2. The second number is a factor that is 10x the ratio between the no
  2. imum tensile strength of 150 ksi and a
  3. Non-preloaded countersunk bolts - Grade 8.8 bolts with S355. Non-preloaded countersunk bolts - Grade 10.9 bolts with S275. Non-preloaded countersunk bolts - Grade 10.9 bolts with S355. Preloaded HSFG bolts - Non-slip in service with S275. Preloaded HSFG bolts - Non-slip in service with S355. Preloaded HSFG bolts - Non-slip under factored loads.
  4. ISO strength rating ratings may also be listed. Some of the more common markings are 10.9, 8.8, and 5.8. The number before the decimal point is the ultimate tensile strength in MPa divided by 100. these can be linked to a grade. This information is key, it can give you the tensile strength the resistant, the chemical makeup
  5. SAE J429 specifies the requirements for high tensile and alloy steel inch-series bolts, screws and studs. Sizes covered range from ¼ to 1-½ diameter. Minimum Tensile Load and Proof Load for ANSI B18.2.1 Hex Bolt (UNC Thread
  6. Grades Offered: 8.8, 10.9 and Grade 12.9 in Carbon Steel. Finish: Blacking, Electroplating or Galvanize available. We are involved in providing high quality range of High Tensile Bolt. These are durable and have fin

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The first number represents 1 / 100 of the tensile strength, and the second number represents 10 times the ratio of yield to tensile strength. The tensile strength of Grade 8 bolts or grade 8.8 bolts is 800MPa, and the yield strength is 800 x 0.8 = 640mpa. The bearing capacity of the bolt can be calculated by selecting the cross-sectional area. There are also different grades of the High Tensile bolts ranging from 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and so on. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the high tensile bolts and prices. Din933 High Strength 8.8 4.8 Grade Electric Galvanized Hex Bolt . Brass High Tensile Bolt If you have ever looked a metric hex bolt you might notice the markings 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 this does not mean grade 8,10 or 12. The grade 8.8 refers to the tensile strength which is generally 116,000 psi, grade 10.9 is generally 150,000 and grade 12.9 is generally 175,000 psi

Thus grade 10.9 bolts have an ultimate material tensile strength of 1000N/mm2 and the yield (or proof) stress is 90% of the ultimate strength. Similarly, grade 8.8 bolts have an ultimate strength of 800 N/mm2 and a ratio of yield/proof stress to the ultimate strength of 80% Big bolt nut is the biggest manufacturer for larger diameter high tensile fasteners & nuts in India, we have a monthly production of over 300 tons in bigger sizes from M-24 to M-64 in 8.8 and 10.9 grade. These high tensile fasteners are used in energy sector like wind, solar, thermal and hydro energy Din 933 Half Threaded Hex Bolts ,Steel Hex Bolt M3 - M42 Size Grade 8.8 Products Description: The six angle bolt is a fastener consisting of fingers and screws. The bolts are divided into iron bolts and stainless steel bolts according to the material, namely the six angle head bolts (partial threads) -C and six angle bolts (full thread) -C level You cud also have googled for your query to get many things as below. Now make your judgement. ibro (Structural) (OP) 7 May 05 06:03 We are provider of packaged modular energy solutions and we use A325 bolts for skid steel framing (One skid packag..

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Hex Bolt Full Thread Grade 4.6 / 8.8 & 10.9. A Hex Bolt is a form of threaded fastener with an external male thread. And bolts are very closely related to screws. These are grade 4.6 and 8.8. The first digit so relates to the ultimate strength of the material. Because the second is the ratio of yield stress to ultimate strength Bolt grade. Bolt Material . Bolt diameter. Minimum tensile strength. Grade 2. Low- to medium-grade carbon steels. 1/4 to 3/4in. >3/4 to 1 1/2in. 74,000 psi. 60,000 psi . Grade 5. medium carbon steels that have been quenched and tempered. 1/2 to 1 in. > 1 to 1 1/2 in. 120,000 psi. 105,000 psi. Grade 8. medium carbon steels that have been. Minimum Tensile Stress Hex Bolts HEX BOLTS - MINIMUM TENSILE STRESS (MPa or N/mm²) Nominal Pitch Stress Area Class Class AS1252 Class Size mm mm² 4.6 8.8 10.9 M3 0.50 5.03 400 800 - 1040 M4 0.70 8.78 400 800 - 1040 M5 0.80 14.20 400 800 - 1040 M6 1.00 20.10 400 800 - 1040 M8 1.25 36.60 400 800 - 104 Do not forget to compare our price with other ASTM A574 Socket Head Cap Screws suppliers, genuine material and best quality SA574 Hex Bolts manufacturer in India. Property. Less than, or equal to, 0.500 dia. Greater than 0.500 dia. Tensile or Wedge tensile strength, ksi min. 180. 170 5/8-11 UNC, 3 Length Under Head, Hex Drive Flange Bolt - 1-1/2 Thread Length, Grade 8 Alloy Steel, Hex drive types have six uniform sides that allow fast rotation and easy adjustment. They are driven by wrenches or sockets and are ideal for limited-clearance applications. Alloy steel is the strongest of all steel types


For example, a Class 8.8 bolt has a nominal tensile strength of 800 N/mm2 (or about 116,000 psi) and a nominal yield stress of 640 N/mm2 (8 times 800 divided by 10). Being that I'm not much of a math guy (unlike like many of the engineering types on this board ) the simple point to take away might be - SAE Grade 8 (150,000 psi tensile strength. The image above shows hex head markings for 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, and 18.8. These markings are standard on metric size fasteners and refer to the tensile strength. Metric Grade 8.8 Hex Cap Screws. Grade 8.8 fasteners are made from heat treated, medium quality carbon steel Our metric grade 10.9 bolts meet ASTM A324 grade BD and SAE J429, grade 8 standards. The yield strength of the bolts is 940 and the tensile strength is 1040 MPa. How hard is a Class 10.9 bolt? This grade of bolts have tensile strength upto 1040 minimum and yield strength up to 940MPa minimum 6 Radial Lines Grade 8 Medium carbon alloy steel, quenched and tempered 1/4 thru 1-1/2 120,000 130,000 150,000 Class 8.8 Medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered All sizes below 16mm 580 640 800 16mm - 72mm 600 660 830 Class 10.9 Alloy steel,. Mahavir Enterprises - Offering High Tensile Bolts And Nuts Grade 8.8, Size: M6 To M100 at Rs 90/kg in Jalandhar, Punjab. Read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 2057613417 Hexagon head bolt, in short, hex bolt, has many other names: hexagon bolt, hexagonal bolt, hex head screw, machine bolt, etc. Longteng supplies large size hex head bolt from M30-M80 of high tensile strength, for our hex head bolt is hardened through heat treatment. According to its thread, it can be classified as half thread hex bolt and full thread hex bolt