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The broadcast on Australia's Channel 7 Sunday Night show featured 'adventurer' Paul Raffaele and reporter Tim Noonan visiting Brazil's Suruwaha tribe. The Suruwaha have already been targeted by fundamentalist missionaries, who falsely say they regularly kill newborn babies Between 1997 and 2007, Dias worked as a missionary in the same reserve for the controversial group New Tribes Mission, who pledged to convert every last unreached people group on earth The tribe then buried the children alive anyway, as was the custom, Suzuki says. One, a girl named Hakani, survived the ordeal but was subsequently left to die by starvation

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Brazil's leaders must take immediate action to save the country's indigenous peoples from a Covid-19 genocide, a global coalition of artists, celebrities, scientists and intellectuals. Girl survived tribe's custom of live baby burial. Hakani, who lived in the forest for three years after being abandoned, aged two, by her tribe. She was adopted by Marcia and Edson Suzuki. Babies. Around 20 tribes are believed to follow this practice. Victims of these killings include the disabled, children born to single mothers, and twins. In 2007, Brazilian legislators introduced a bill to end child killings in tribal communities. It was called Muwaji's Law, named after an indigenous mother who would not kill her disabled daughter. In some tribes, the infants are smothered to death. It's the mother's decision, explains Jonas Yanomami, 41, who lives in a settlement in Barcelos, in the Amazonas state. In two years, 96 deaths have been registered among indigenous babies up to six days old in three settlements (Barcelos, Caracaraí and Alto Alegre), according to the. Enock Freire, one of the makers of the film that was shot with members of the Suruwaha tribe, defended it when contacted by R. He said it was no secret that it was fiction, acted out by local Indians, but that it was aimed at drawing attention to the very real and what he said was the common problem of infanticide by Amazon Indian tribes

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Girl survived tribe's custom of live baby buria